Client Testimonials

DrCatalyst has helped medical practices across the nation fix revenue cycle leaks, attract new patients, and maximize collections.
  • What intrigued us about DrCatalyst is...

    They knew IMS, so we felt that the pain point would be a little bit less if we worked with someone that knew the system. It’s definitely something that they (other medical practices) want to look at seriously if they’re looking to grow, and grow quickly."

    Eric Allen

    Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions

  • Houa Xiong

    Health And Life Organizations, Inc.

    "They make it really easy for us to not worry about the referral process. They help us with a lot of things. They reach out to our patients. They reach out to the specialist. And, this is one less hassle for me and my team to worry about."

  • Linette Roe & Deanna McQuillan

    Nivano Physicians

    "They definitely exceeded our expectations and the best thing that I've noticed is you trained them once, they understand and they continue to follow that process through and through. They don't deviate from what you tell them to do and they get everything done on time."

  • Jose Carbajal

    Nivano Physicians

    "It is an affordable way to get resources. So, we don't have to struggle to say you know let's make a huge workaround, to bring someone in and take on a project. It is a really quick way to answer a problem and you can just go through and resolve it."

  • Dr. Paul C. Magarelli

    Magarelli Fertility

    "The number one thing is I've seen a consistent reimbursement volume which reflects my volume which is never been the case before. Their so consistent about making sure that each patient is paying their true amount and the insurance company is also paying their true amount."

  • Dr. Ethiraj Raj

    Mid Michigan Cardiology Associates, PLC

    "DrCatalyst is a very unique system where we can use really experienced team of office help, behind the scene, at very short notice."

  • Bonnie

    Kaneland Allergy and Asthma Center

    "You have made a huge difference in our world that DrCatalyst team is so easy to work with. They send me daily emails and they call me. If I want to do meetings with them, they do that as well. Their response time is phenomenal."

  • Dr. Matt Morgan

    Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

    "The idea is to extend not replace your current staff. So, you allow your current staff to do what they do best and then DrCatalyst can fill-in the gaps."

  • Juanita Martinez

    IPM Medical Group

    "With DrCatalyst, we’re able to schedule patients a lot quicker versus when we had two people in-house, sometimes it would take a week to two weeks to get a patient on the schedule. Now, we’ve cut that down to 72 hours."

  • Mary Crawford

    IPM Medical Group

    "I have experienced less patient complaints about calls getting answered and getting to speak to a live person. And authorizations are getting done in a timely manner. So, I don't have those calls anymore with angry patients."

  • Chitrangi Shah

    IPM Medical Group

    "DrCatalyst people are registered nurses, so they do have a medical background. If they're doing our faxes, they know exactly how to read and interpret those faxes and assign it to the right individual."

  • Carmie Smith

    Gregory G. Smith, MD

    "DrCatalyst helps us a lot with our phone calls and with a lot of support for the clinic such as fax management, refills, and scheduling new patients."

  • Jasmine and Angelina

    Gregory G. Smith, MD

    “Working with them has improved the amount of phone calls that we get. It’s been a huge improvement. They’ve been a great deal of help.”

  • Dr. Tushar Patel

    Childrens Medical Center Fresno

    "They've been an incredible asset not only to my patients but to our practice. We're extremely, extremely happy and very fortunate that we have DrCatalyst as part of the CMC Fresno Team."

  • Lucia Galindo

    RehabOne Medical Group

    "I know that there is a fear in remote staffing and we had it too. And what we found is that we’re just building a bigger team - a team that has the same morals and has the same work ethics. It’s a huge plus for us."

  • Susan Muñoz

    Merced County Physicians

    "DrCatalyst is HIPAA-certified, which is a big relief for our practice, for our security, and peace of mind, knowing that they know all of the rules."

  • Dr. Gregory Wickern

    Asthma and Allergy of Idaho and Nevada

    "I think the immediate benefit to us working with DrCatalyst has been helping us get some of our accounts receivable identified, some of our problems with submitting clean claims rectified…and they have been phenomenal in helping identify our current problems and helping us resolve those."

  • Scott Q. Bui

    Dolphin Health and VibrantCare Pharmacy

    “One of the best benefits of working with RxCatalyst is the cost-efficiency...we were able to hire more staff and do more services for our patients and our doctors."

  • Steve Enad

    Merced County Physicians

    "So far it's been really, really good for our practice... It [DrCatalyst services] frees us from a lot of repetitious work and work that can be done by somebody else. [Now] we can just focus on the things that need to be done."

  • Renee Williman

    MacArthur Gastroenterology

    "I would have to say I would not trade my remote nurses from DrCatalyst for anything...They have been extremely great with all of our patients and with our medical staff."

  • Rajeev Jain

    Columbia Allergy & Asthma Clinic

    "One thing I like about DrCatalyst is that they have somebody as a backup all the time. At the same time, they are very good and very experienced in IMS as well, so that takes care of the problems."

  • Dr. Ralph Peterson

    MacArthur Gastroenterology

    "Our nurses have been very helpful and very wonderful because they reduce the phone calls that come in during the daytime...We haven't had any turnovers since DrCatalyst."

  • Dr. Amitabh U. Goswami

    California Pain Consultants

    "I found DrCatalyst to be almost a blessing in disguise...I've been using DrCatalyst for at least the last year and a half and it's been fantastic for me and my practice."

  • Dr. Sanjeev Jain

    Columbia Allergy & Asthma Clinic

    "We have been very pleased with DrCatalyst... They have been instrumental in implementing improvements in our process. "