About us

We are the catalyst for reaching your practice’s full potential!
We work hard so you can do more, save more, and earn more. DrCatalyst partners with your practice to provide you with cost-effective, patient-friendly, and accessible medical services that are designed to automate your workflow and improve your health care delivery.
Our Story

The reason DrCatalyst started was because many practices across the nation were dealing with operational issues (everything from stacked up paperwork to coding-related backlogs) that often prevented them focusing on patient care. Therefore, to allow practices to focus less on operations and more on patient care, DrCatalyst was founded.

Now, DrCatalyst is a leading, privately-held medical services company that helps hundreds of healthcare providers across the US. From insurance collections to authorization tracking to medical coding, we handle all of your front-office and back-office operations so that you can focus on your patients. And all of our services are designed to complement your current operations and grow your practice.

And recently, we joined forces with Website4MD to offer a full suite of medical digital marketing services that help healthcare practitioners across the United States grow their practice, enhance their digital footprint and increase patient engagement.

As your partner in care, our organization is committed to providing you with operational services that allow you to focus on patient care while saving time, resources and money.

Our client list is growing. Our clients’ savings is growing too.
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Your Proactive Partner in Care

At DrCatalyst, we act as an extension of your team. Our CCM program fills the gap between office visits with one-on-one, personalized intereactions.
Improve Patient Care & Outcomes
Improve Patient Care & Outcomes
Increase Your Practice Revenue
Increase Your Practice Revenue
Boost Your MIPS/MACRA Scorecard