What is Medical Transcription?

Medical Transcription is the act of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports that are dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. Medical reports can be voice files, notes taken, or other spoken material - and they are usually dictated over the phone or uploaded digitally via the Internet or through smart phone apps.

Physicians, nurses, or other healthcare providers dictate a note in digital audio format to keep track of a patient’s health, history and care. Dictations are then transcribed into a document by medical transcriptionists and sent back to the physician electronically. Physicians will approve or make changes to their medical transcriptions before saving and storing to a patient’s medical record. Traditionally, professionally skilled medical transcriptionists working in the medical records department of a hospital or medical practice accomplish the transcribing of medical reports. However, medical transcription has changed over the last few years. Instead of an assortment of handwritten notes for the record, the approach has gone digital and healthcare organizations are shifting to an electronic format. These patient reports are safely stored in the electronic database and are available for immediate access and retrieval anytime by permitted and affiliated healthcare personnel.

Due to the sheer volume of patients and paperwork, healthcare facilities often prefer electronic storage of their medical records. This gives other departments or providers immediate access to the patient's care and shows certain details, such as past or present medications and any allergy alerts. Establishing patient history facilitates healthcare performance, and medical transcriptionists play a big part in this process. However, it is important to note that a written report has now become a requirement for documentation of a medical bill or an application for Workers Compensation insurance benefits.

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The Importance 
of Medical 

Due to the increasing demand to document medical records, medical practices have started to outsource the services of medical transcription. The medical transcriptionist role is currently made up of over 50,000 jobs, and it is dominated by outsourcing.

One report stated that the demand for medical transcriptionists is expected to rise by 11% as the healthcare industry continues to expand. Technology advancements, such as analytics, could lead to new health-care services such as diagnostics, disease prevention, and remote patient management. These new services could fuel additional demand as healthcare businesses strive to meet compliance and record-keeping requirements.


What are the duties and responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist?

What do Medical Transcriptionists do? The main duties of a medical transcriptionist include:

  • Transcribing patient information, such as name, insurance number & medical records

  • Transcribing accurately and editing any inconsistencies

  • Looking at references for terminology and medical procedures

  • Keeping a transcription log

  • Following up on physician’s dictation, and returns reports in a timely fashion

Where do medical transcriptionists work?

The medical industry has the chief responsibility of patient care and often lacks the time or resources to manage the huge volume of files that have to be transcribed. Therefore, transcription services also are  crucial aspect for medical industry.

Why consider a medical transcription service?

By outsourcing the entire transcribing job to a medical transcription services company, your organization can free up resources to better concentrate on patient care, or to invest in business expansion. For smaller practices, it can be particularly advantageous to outsource this function, as smaller clinics work to tighten margins and strict overhead constraints.

Whether your practice is large or small, focused allotment of resources, rather than scattering them on a range of non-core functions, lets you narrow in on your overall business objectives. This makes your team more efficient as a whole, and drives better resource management across the practice.

medical transcription service company

What Should You Look for in a Medical Transcription Service Company?


Cost and Turnaround Time

Reputable medical transcription companies like DrCatalyst offer highly competitive transcription rates. When you outsource your medical transcription operations, you’re not saving a great deal on transcription labor costs. The medical transcription business bears all costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment, HRM, and training and administration. It also means you can save time spent in managing an in-house team and fully dedicate your attention on the core business activity of providing health care.

If you work with a reputable transcription services company, guaranteed rapid turnaround times are another cost saver that can ensure your internal operations are smoothly managed. A reputable medical transcription service will have a rostered team of scribes so that you can be certain that your reports will be delivered within strict deadlines.

Privacy and Accuracy

If you work with a reputable service, you can rely on them for quality transcription services that meet strict accuracy standards. The transcription business will incorporate checks such as editing, proofreading, and reviewing into their procedures to ensure quality, as they likely have editors and quality-assurance staff for these procedures. Medical Transcriptionists will be familiar with specialist terminology in fields such as neurology, cardiology, and more.

Medical transcription also includes the usage of high-end encryption technologies, data security mechanisms, and end-to-end secure processes for the exchange of information. The protection of the confidential data is very important, thus, one of the medical transcription trends which is going to dominate the industry is the adoption of advanced, robust, and stringent security mechanisms which ensure complete security for the data being transmitted between the two sources.

Dictation Capture Methods

Modern technology comprise of digital machines, recorders, laptops, advanced and speedy data transfer, secure networks, and much more. Medical transcription software’s are accessible for both swiftness and making sure the overall work quality. Digital voice recorders are now extensively utilized for recording patient data, information and instructions provided to medical professionals. The instructions and information are being captured as well as stored as digital files which can be transmitted for transcription.

HIPAA Compliant

This one is very important. Whoever you choose as your medical transcriptionist services company, you want to make sure that they follow all the healthcare processes and are 100% HIPAA compliant with their employees undergoing HIPAA trainings at regular intervals. It is a must that they maintain security and confidentiality in their work.




The Best Medical




medical transcription companies

Highly competitive transcription rates and reliable high quality transcription services that are 100% HIPAA compliant are the best features that DrCatalyst can offer. Their quick and easy transcription process makes them a leading medical transcription service provider, allowing doctors to get paid faster. They transcribe while you sleep, and your transcription is delivered to you the next day in your EHR. They also provides customized transcriptions that best fit your needs and preferences.

Their team of experienced medical transcriptionists guarantee a high level of accuracy on their output. They also maintain strict standards with their quality assurance staff who reviews and proofreads all the transcriptions. You can also choose to enter the transcriptions directly in your EHR, while securing privacy and confidentiality, so that your patient charts are updated for you.

DoctorsDocs uses their online dictation server which can be integrated with most sophisticated EMR and hospital systems. With this technology, they are able to offer a fast medical transcription and they deliver finished transcriptions to any PC or printer. It also features a speech recognition software which is HIPAA compliant and HL7 ready. They also provides real time management and productivity reports that allow doctors to review, edit and electronically sign transcriptions from any PC.

Their platform supports all digital, hand-held dictation devices. They also accept telephone dictation from any analog or digital phone line while securing privacy and confidentiality through an encryption technology. It also allows you to track and audit the activity on each of your patient’s file with their built-in audit feature.

One of the pioneering companies who offers medical transcription service whose professionals are based in US. MedScribe offers multiple service delivery options that can be further customized in combination with the latest back-end speech editing. Their web-based document management system allows you to manage all parts of the transcription process from anywhere with internet connectivity. Powerful features include report archival and search capabilities, online editing, and audio file management including on-line playback. Customized document workflow features include physician electronic signature and distribution options such as remote print, electronic file delivery, and auto-faxing of reports. Management reporting include reconciliation reports, and detailed billing reports than be run on demand at anytime.

MedScribe offers a mobile dictation solution that let you securely and automatically upload your dictations to their data center with an indicators showing it was successfully uploaded.
Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Their transcription platform offers a flexible and customizable medical transcription services solution for clinic hospital or private practices, no matter what template or type of medical transcription service a client is looking for. It can also be integrated with almost any EMR system. Medical transcription services are fully HIPAA-compliant and follow AHDI/AAMT standards that guarantees high accuracy on each transcript. Their own online transcription platform allows you to access patient reports anytime and anywhere with built-in e-signature and auto-faxing. They also accommodates any formatting request with a fast transcription turnaround.

Transcription Outsourcing’s HIPAA-compliant server has security features including:

    • Detailed Reporting and Tracking Features

    • Individually Defined User Access Levels

    • Individual User Names, Passwords and PINs (that can be deactivated immediately upon request)

    • Scaled Network Redundancy

    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Integration

    • Dedicated Datacenters

    • SSL 128bit Secure Encryption

    • Secure FTP (SFTP) Servers

Athreon offers an extensive array of speech to text transcription delivery options tailored to your specific needs. They leverages the latest in voice recognition technology that allows them to quickly and effectively delivers a high-quality transcription. Athreon utilizes the latest cyber security that makes them the preferred choice for many. ASTM International standards is where their QA methodology is based, that gives assurance to clients when it comes to quality compliance.

Their business model is designed to give you total control of your workflow using multifaceted mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android, which is one of their primary goals. You can manage your audio files, dictate both on and offline, monitor the status of ongoing work, perform edits and even electronically sign documents from your mobile device. They are also able to interface with all major EHR vendors and meet your security standards to protect your critical data

World Wide Dictation

A medical transcription company that is operating for over 45 years and one of the largest full service transcription businesses in the US. World Wide Dictation supports telephone dictation in which the user will be given a PIN to access their system. You can simply call-in and follow the prompt and it will give you the same functionality as a tape recorder (i.e. rewind, fast forward, pause). They also supports audio tape transcription  and digital handheld recorder. You can also choose delivery options that best fit your preferences. Web based delivery lets you download the data securely anytime. Additionally, they keep an archived copy of your files indefinitely. The other alternative solution for web based is through print and mail. Their state-of-the-art digital dictation services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week that will let you dictate around the clock and easily access your document using the provided username and password while maintaining privacy and and confidentiality. You provides high quality medical transcription  of all sizes and scopes.

Ordering your transcripts quick, simple and painless is the main goal of TranscribeMe. They utilizes their online portal that let you upload your audio quickly and smartphone application that allows you to record easily. You will also receive notification as soon as your transcripts are completed and will be available to download in your prefered output. They offers low cost medical transcription with their skilled transcriptionist. Their platform are simple and intuitive while maintaining privacy and confidentiality. Best security encryption is being used to keep your content secure while sending and uploading the data from their server. You can get the best deal starting at $.79/min without compromising quality. They provide a round the clock customer support as well as LiveChat directly on their site.
Faber Transcription
A 100% US based medical transcription company which ensures accuracy and security of all handled data that undoubtedly complies with HIPAA privacy rule. They provide a competitive pricing by charging you for the reports that you only dictate and nothing else. You are able to receive the output within 24 hours or less, so your practice can focus on what is important - patient care. Either you dictate on a phone line, handheld recorder or if you want to go old school and use tapes, they accept that. They also offers direct input of dictations into your existing system allowing productivity on your practice. No extra fee is added if you want the transcripts to referring physicians. All reports are stored on their server for at least one year or longer while maintaining privacy and security.

Mediscribes offers state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based technology to healthcare organizations of various size and shape. Their transcription platform is web-based making integration simple and easy and allowing to allocate your files based on your preferences. Web-based platform allows you to log in from anywhere and anytime to monitor workload and assign files to your assigned team. With their ezDocPortal, you are able to organize, review and track patients' transcribed data. Additional features also includes: built-in audio player that lets you listen to files, print or fax a report directly from the app, and request a STAT report with a simple click and comments and the app allows you to e-sign or co-sign records.

With ezMTScribes, transcriptionists have the tools they need to create accurate, timely reports. Easy keyboard navigation helps transcriptionists work efficiently and the auto-save feature means no loss of data. Comprehensive formatting features allow transcriptionist to generate reports correctly, and macros make the text editor user friendly.
Transcription Hub
Transcription Hub cover several areas including audio/video general transcription, legal transcription, medical transcription, educational transcription, insurance/adjusters’ transcription among others. All their transcription projects are handled by professional human transcribers ensuring HIPAA compliance for accuracy and confidentiality with high satisfaction rate from their clients. They provides cost-effective, accurate and secure audio/video transcription. For convenience, Transcription Hub provides a toll-free phone-in dictation system to physician. They also provide translation services with their multilingual transcribers with experience providing text-to-text, audio-to-text, or verbatim translations in 35+ of languages.

A flexible interface technology allows Acusis to deliver clinical documents directly into your EHR systems. They uses data-driven methods with an end goal of eliminating defects. Their operations team diligently ensures an above 98% accuracy consistently with the help of tools and processes based on Six Sigma and TQM methodologies. Their transcription process includes online editing for quality control purposes, which is a distinct function from offline quality assurance. It also includes through security and multiple dictation capture methods with tis medical transcription services. Using well-defined metrics, they are able to meet the contracted turnaround time parameters for very client they serve.

Also, they highlight their state-of-the-art platforms, allowing doctors to upload and get updated in timely manner. One of their state-of-the-art platforms is AcuMobile, a mobile based application provides an excellent experience to physicians while dictating that works over mobile networks and Wi-Fi. And AcuSuite®, with a capability to capture audio from a wide variety of dictation sources generally used in the hospital facility. Customers can choose any method based on their convenience to drop dictations into Acusis. They offer a ready-to-use solutions to accept dictations and deliver transcription report into popular EMR / EHR / PACS systems like EPIC, AllScripts, McKesson, Cerner, etc.

Same Day Transcription
This medical transcription service provider is also a 100% US based and is NIH certified and IRB approved. Same Day Transcription offers competitive rates you can budget without any add-on fees and guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on your regular workflow. Their monthly subscription options brings certainty, security and reliability that is available for private practices and hospitals. In addition, you will enjoy customized service levels that can work with any EHR system with privacy and confidentiality. Their system doesn't require software installation or any complicated set-up making it easy to start.  The online medical dictation transcription services they provide brings you the flexibility to dictate however it’s most convenient. Wherever you go, as long as you’re plugged in to the internet, you can securely access your reports.
Global Medical Transcription (GMT)
GMT uses mobile app that allows physician to dictate and directly saves the data to their server. Every step of the GMT process is HIPAA compliant so the data is instantly encrypted before it leaves your office. The mobile application can be used on any Apple iOS or Android device. It also allows you to view, edit and sign anywhere at any time. When you prefers dictating via personalized digital recorder, data can automatically sent to GMT with encryptions for privacy and security. When dictating via a telephone, you can dial 866 and use the touchpad to record, rewind, fast forward, playback, etc. You will be able to to customize your templates, formats and macros that best fit your preference at no additional charge. Their HIPAA compliant document manager software allows you to download your files securely. Reports are searchable by patient name, medical record number, report type, date of visit, date of birth or physician. Their system can be integrated in any EMR software so that report can be reviewed, signed and sent automatically into patient’s record.

MModal offers medical speech recognition by making medical transcription workflows more efficient and accurate. They uses an ISO certified quality assurance process in combination with technology-enabled tools such as Quality Rule Checks, timely feedback and quality reporting to ensure the highest standards of clinical documentation. Quality assurance tools ensure a full-circle QA feedback to the transcriptionists for continuous quality improvement. Dictating, reviewing, editing and signing clinical documents made simpler with their physician-friendly iOS and Android-based mobile apps. This app has a feature like daily schedule and front-end dictation that better helps physician with their task. They also created physician-friendly document creation solution for facilities that has the ability to use front-end speech recognition with time-saving features like text standards, voice commands, patient lists and schedules, access to prior documents, and real-time Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation offering and end-to-end solution for creating and managing high quality clinical documentation.

i-Script provides cost-effective, reliable, and authentic quality transcription services that are thoroughly backed up by their state-of-the-art infrastructure and an online web-application. They are also able to tailor their transcription services to best suit your practice requirements and to best-fit into your budget. Medical transcription platforms includes importing patient demographics, e-signature, e-faxing, integration with EMR, easy access to reports 24/7 while ensuring confidentiality and safety of healthcare information. With their phone dictation application that is compatible with iPhones, iPads and Windows, you're able to handle all of your documentation needs, including dictation, editing, electronic signature, and routing of documents anywhere. Their system us HL7 ready that can be customized to deliver results based on your specifications. It can also be integrated with any EMR software seamlessly. You can choose modes of dictation which includes using any of the mobile apps, toll-free dictation lines or through hand-held digital voice recorder. They also provide front or back end speech recognition editing by experienced transcriptionists.
Viva Transcription

Data access made easy with their web-based platform and able to review files from the office, home, or on the go. Transcripts are guaranteed next business day turnaround time without compromising quality. They also offer a short turn around time of 4-6  hours on request. They take the storage of patient data seriously, provides SSL encryption and meet HIPAA standards for all file transfers. Patient notes can be dictated in three ways: smartphone app, digital voice recorder or a dial-in dictation system. With the new technology being used, their platform can be integrated with any EHR software with top-level security through SSL encryption provided by GeoTrust RapidSSL. No special training or software installation needed. A dedicated account manager will be assign to you with the expertise to answer your questions, provide IT support, and ensure you're getting the most out of their service.



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