Ready to say goodbye to piled up paperwork and tedious EHR data entry?

Our best-in-class medical services streamline and automate your clinical and administrative process, giving you more time for what matters the most - your patients. Find the right service for your practice.

Remote Phone Assistance

Minimize no-shows and streamline your front desk processes! Our dedicated staff can assume the role of a front desk assistant to deal with phone calls, scheduling, voicemail transcription, and appoinment reminders.

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Prior Authorization Processing & Tracking

Did you know - 92% of physicians report care delays associated with prior authorization processing? Worse yet, 94% of physicians report waiting 1-3 days for a prior authorization response from the payer. DrCatalyst can eliminate this burden for you. We’ll process your procedural and drug prior authorizations to improve patient care and reduce staff anxiety.

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prior authorization

Referral Processing & Tracking

Say goodbye to those lengthy phone calls and repetitious emails! Our team ensures that your clinic’s referrals, both incoming and outgoing, are processed faster.

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Fax & Document Management

Does processing patient documents slow down your healthcare delivery? Let our experienced team digitize and manage your patients’ documents to expedite your process.

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New Patient Concierge Service

We help collect and register the patient data needed to treat new patients in your practice. We’ll also manage a centralized registry of patient data for you, helping you keep up-to-date, organized, and accessible health records.

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new patient concierge

Reminders & Tasks Management

Go through your work day smoothly! We organize your daily tasks, set reminders, provide prompt assistance, track correspondence, and guide you through your treatment of patients.

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tasks management

Records Review

Guided by your clinic’s standard operating procedures, our team organizes and summarizes your patients’ existing reports, making them easier to review. The summaries made by our staff undergo intensive quality control to ensure that everything is accurate and reliable.

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records review

Personal assistant for Executives

Our highly competent employees can assist you by being the first point of contact in dealing with correspondence and phone calls. They are dependable for their accuracy in properly managing your appointments, organizing your schedule, and preparing reports. Ensuring to keep your workflow smooth and hassle-free.

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Personal assistant for Executives

What are your biggest clinical & administrative PAIN POINTS?

These are the most common ones that we see.

Do you spend countless hours on the phone seeking authorization approvals?

Prior authorizations are a common pain point for medical practices across the nation. In fact, one-third of practices employ staff who spend every second of their working hours on prior authorization requests and follow-ups. That’s no way to run an efficient practice; it may be time for your practice to call in backup.

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prior authorization request
no show patient

Are you losing out on revenue due to patient no-shows?

Patient no-shows are costly, and they can make scheduling and operations difficult for your medical practice. Learn how your practice can reduce patient no-shows and stop losing money due to missed appointments.

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Tired of spending half of your workday on administrative tasks?

Did you know that doctors spend almost 50% of their time daily on EHR data entry and other admin tasks and only 27% of their workday on direct clinical face time with patients? Plus, doctors spend an additional two hours of personal time every night catching up on administrative work. Wow! If that sounds familiar, it may be time to outsource a few things so that you can become a full-time physician again.

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administrative work

Outsource your administrative tasks so that you can be a full-time doctor again.

You’re a doctor, not an EHR data entry clerk or prior authorization processor. Your time should be spent caring for patients instead of focusing on administrative and clinical tasks. Our team of clinical nurses and front office associates can handle any of your administrative needs.

Resolve Your Pain Points Today

Tired of the administrative headache of EHR data entry, bureaucratic battles & follow up phone calls?

Have you considered outsourcing your clinical and administrative tasks?

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Why Your Medical Practice Needs Our Clinical & Administrative Services

Reduce your staff’s administrative duties

We’ll handle all of your administrative tasks so that you can focus on spending more time with patients.

Cut operating costs by up to 40%

We’ll help you trim administrative expenses and reduce your overhead costs across the board.

Spend more time with patients

Physicians in the U.S. only get to spend 27% of their office hours with patients; we’ll help you increase that percentage.

It’s Time For A Change

Lessen your administrative burden and focus more on patient care.

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