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20+Services Available

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Of claims are denied, ignored, or lost the first time they are submitted.


Billion in medical claims are initially denied.


Never get reworked after the claims are denied.

Get a comprehensive suite of front and back office services
customized for your allergy clinic’s workflow.

Faster Eligibility and Benefits Check

Accelerate your patient’s allergy treatment with our remote team’s detailed Eligibility and Benefits verification. Our own EMR with built-in benefits templates helps us calculate patient responsibilities as per benefits and safely record the data that assigned users can easily access.

Processing Referrals and Prior Authorizations

Get the referrals required from the patient’s PCP sooner. Have the authorization required for allergy testing and serums right when you need it. Our team provides a hassle-free flow in getting referrals and authorization in time before your patient checks in.

Superbill Creation and Charge Posting

Our own certified coding team creates superbills for you. Once you’re done with making service notes, our coding team will step in and create a superbill with the reference of State guidelines and Federal guidelines for Medical coding.

Payment Posting

Drcatalyst provides services for posting payments in a timely manner. We ensure that the payments are posted correctly into the system so that whenever a patient needs information, we can provide accurate details.

Medical Billing

Have you accumulated a huge A/R balance due to ignoring LCD policy guidelines? Our team of experienced medical billers will ensure that your claims are billed out according to the billing guidelines of insurance companies so that you get reimbursed properly and quickly.

Handles Claim Rejections

Our certified billing team takes care of claim rejections we receive from clearinghouses and insurances. We always define the Service-level agreement (SLA) to your convenience which our team strictly follows.

Appeals Management

The Drcatalyst team helps you with submitting medical records and appeals to insurance companies. We provide A/R tracking reports and google sheets as well so that you and your clinic staff would be updated with the ongoing scenarios and real-time status for each and every claim.

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