The Medical Office Managers Q&A Blog Series

What is this blog series about?

If you’re an office manager at a medical practice, you’ll love this new blog series!

Created specifically for office/practice managers, office administrators & medical billing managers, this blog series spotlights a series of interviews with office managers from different medical practices across the US. The interviews highlight some of the pain points and challenges that medical office managers from different specialties deal with + best practices and advice on how to overcome those challenges.

Look, we get it. Being an office manager is hard work, and office managers are often overworked and under-resourced. That’s why we decided to create this blog series. We wanted to provide an informative hub where office managers can learn valuable tips, advice, and lessons from the people who understand them the most - other office managers. What we love the most about this series is that office managers get to learn from other office managers and discover ways to run a more streamlined and profitable medical practice. 

Here are a few of our recent interviews:


How often will you post new blogs?

Every week we will post at least one new interview (sometimes more)! 


Who can be interviewed?

If you’re an office manager at a medical practice, you qualify! However, below we provide you with a few more details about what we’re looking for:

  • Do you have valuable tips and advice that you would like to share with your fellow practice managers?
  • Do you have solutions to challenges that you think may benefit other office managers?
  • Are you a seasoned office manager that would like to share some best practices (or even tips on the top mistakes to avoid) with new office managers?

If you’re willing to share your knowledge and different experiences as an office manager, we’d love to interview you and share your story!


What will the interview entail?

We know that you are busy juggling a hundred different things every day, so we make the interviews quick (it will only take 15 minutes MAX). The interview will be an informal, 1:1 phone conversation with our marketing manager.


What questions will I be asked?

We have a few general topics that we ask questions about: an overview of your practice, your major pain points/challenges, your management style, etc. However, we know that the challenges of every office manager are different. Therefore, some questions may be more personalized based on the size and specialty of your practice.


How do I sign up to be interviewed?

Interested in being interviewed? Simply fill out the form below. Then, one of our team members will call you to get your interview scheduled, plus answer any additional questions that you may have. We look forward to speaking with you!


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