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DrCatalyst is a leading medical transcription service provider. Our team strictly focuses on helping you fine-tune your clinical operations and improve the transcription process at your medical practice.We are a fully HIPAA compliant transcription organization with a team of experienced medical transcription specialists who work to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We strive to make the work lives of medical professionals so much easier. Essentially, we transcribe your recordings and enter the transcriptions in your EHR so that your patient charts are updated for you - and we provide customized transcriptions to meet your exact needs and preferences.Overall, the goal of our transcription services is to ensure that you can focus more on what’s most important: treating your patients.


Our Medical Transcription Service - How It Works

You do the talking, we do the rest.

DrCatalyst partners with your existing EHR and offers medical transcription services that accommodate busy physicians and other medical professionals. And we make everything extremely easy. We offer a medical transcription service that allows you to dictate your notes using a recorder, then our trained medical transcription specialists will take it from there.

In fact, the whole transcription process is done in three quick steps:


Step 1: Record on your smartphone, recorder or PC
Step 2: We chart the visit while you sleep
Step 3: Your patient charts are ready and updated the next day

See your patients, and let us do the rest.

A key reason that DrCatalyst is a leading medical transcription service provider is because our team helps medical professionals get paid faster by avoiding having to spend 40 hours per week charting visits. And our dedicated team of medical transcriptionists provides customized transcriptions to fit your needs and preferences.

We work with all EHRs to let doctors be doctors.

Enhance Your EHR Usability. Simply Dictate.


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Top Reasons Healthcare Providers Choose DrCatalyst

We provide detailed transcription services that help medical practices across the nation:
Improve patient record quality
Have a fully-digital workflow
Save time and money


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