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Our Medical Billing Services

We know that the medical billing process can be stressful, time-consuming and a major headache. And our team aims to relieve that burden by offering end-to-end revenue cycle management services - from the front desk to the back office, we can help you improve any part of your revenue cycle. Hand us over the RCM burden that you’ve been carrying for years - in return, you’ll be able to spend more time on actual patient care instead of your stacked-up paperwork.


Pre-Visit & Post-Visit Services
Prior Authorization-2

Prior Authorization

Did you know - 92% of physicians report care delays associated with Prior Authorization processing? Worse yet, 94% of physicians report waiting 1-3 days for a Prior Authorization response from the payer. DrCatalyst can eliminate this burden for you. We’ll process your procedural and drug prior authorizations to improve patient care and reduce staff anxiety.

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Eligibility and Benefits Verification

Insurance eligibility issues giving you a rough time? We'll help you breeze through patient visits, avoid claim denials, increase collections, and prepare patients for the necessary payables.

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Medical Coding

Our team of experienced medical coders can help reduce errors and ensure proper reimbursement for you. Rest assured, the pay you get will reflect the care that you give to your patients.

Charge entry-1

Charge Entry

Start your revenue cycle off right! DrCatalyst helps you secure your reimbursements by processing the first step of your revenue cycle with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Our team of experts will post charges that adhere to the proper coding, ensure that bills are complete and accurate, plus more.

AR management-1

AR Management

Collect your accounts receivable effortlessly with DrCatalyst! We aim to automate your accounts receivable management through our excellent services and proficiency in healthcare IT. We handle rejected claims, eligibility, statements, follow-ups, and more.

Payment Posting

Payment Posting

The days of worrying about whether or not you’ll be paid are over. Our team will accurately record the payments and reimbursements that your clinic receives, plus we’ll make sure that the complete and exact payment details are posted in your EHR.

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Denial Analysis & Appeal letter Submission

Medical claim denials are a significant challenge for most practices. Our team helps you decrease the denials by analyszing your denials and submitting and appeal letter on your behalf.

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Rejection Analysis & Rebilling

Medical claim rejections have a negative impact on your revenue and efficiency. If your claim is rejected, our team will look into why it was rejected and take care of the rebilling for you.

Supportive Services
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Revenue Reports

We'll help you monitor your income by providing accurate and timely revenue cycle reports. And we offer full transparency with this service - you'll be able to easily keep an eye on your income through  detailed reports while we do all the work for you!

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Patient Statements

How much easier would it be if all you have to is mail patient statements to your patients? We can generate electronic patient statements and collection letters for you by BillFlash. Now, you can provide your patients with a quick, accessible, and fully electronic payment process without doing all the work.

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Provider Credentialing

Credentialing can be a headache for practices of all sizes and specialites. However, you no loger have to take on the long and challenging credentialing cycle by yourself. Our team of credentialing experts will take ownership and provide you with end-to-end management of the credentialing process.

A profitable medical practice centers around healthy revenue cycle management.

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Our Transparent billing services help medical practices:
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Increase cash flow


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Significantly reduce billing errors


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Ensure billing compliance


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